Learn More about Diamonds-What Makes them the best?

Learn More about Diamonds-What Makes them the best?

For many years, diamonds have been one of the most precious gemstones in the world. In turn, you might wonder what makes the stone so valuable that it is worth a fortune. It is the stone that melts hearts and the ultimate show of wealth. No woman can resist this stone, and the world at large find it highly valuable and no other jewellery can replace diamond. Perhaps you should know that it was formed before the dinosaur age undergoes a process of high pressure and heat for so many years. Cupids gift their loved ones and spouses diamond jewellery to symbolize eternity of their romance.

Why Are They So Highly Valued?

Premium Price

Diamonds are available at a premium price because they are mined underground using heavy-duty machinery. In the past, the stones were available on river banks or other places on the surface of the earth. Plus they are rare to come across, and people have to go miles underground to find them. Therefore, the high cost of these gems is based on the fact that they are rare, miners have to use high tech machinery and technology to retrieve diamonds under the sea and deep into the earth.

Extreme Hardness

Scientific evidence has substantiated that diamond is over 58 times tougher than any other hard object on the earth. This makes it a suitable material for manufacturing drills and cutting tools for metallic and other hard substances. Moreover, a diamond can only be cut using a diamond blade because it’s tough.

Unique Diamond Colors

Some people assume diamonds are colorless. However, these gemstones are also available in other shades such as orange, green, blue, pink, brown, black, and yellow. However, the colored options are scarce and tend to fetch very high prices in the market if their clarity is high. The transparent option are found in large quantities in various mines; hence, the reason they are often used for industrial purposes.

Diamond and Elites

Before the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, France had passed a law that forbade members on non-royal families from wearing any diamond jewelry. Any civilian who would be found wearing diamond jewelry would face serious legal ramifications. The value of diamond was discovered many years ago due to its scintillations and rare shine

Diamonds in Space

According to scientists, some dwarf stores have a diamond core. The diamond emits light that makes these stars shine brightly.


The unique qualities of diamonds make them the best among all precious stones. No other stone can match the shine of a diamond, and you can find more on this gem at Brilliant Earth.

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